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Từ điển Anh - Việt
tính từ
(thông tục) cừ, xuất sắc
tay chèo cừ
tay súng giỏi
đơn vị xuất sắc, đơn vị thiện chiến
ngoại động từ
quất (roi) đét đét; búng (ngón tay) kêu tanh tách, bẻ (đốt ngón tay) kêu răng rắc
làm nứt, làm rạn, làm vỡ, kẹp vỡ
làm rạn một cái tách
đánh vỡ sọ
làm tổn thương
làm tổn thương danh dự của ai
(kỹ thuật) làm crackinh (dầu hoả...)
nội động từ
kêu răng rắc, kêu đen đét, nổ giòn
nứt nẻ, rạn nứt, vỡ, gãy ( (nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
mảnh gỗ ấy nứt ra dưới ánh nắng
chủ nghĩa đế quốc rạn nứt khắp nơi
nó bắt đầu vỡ tiếng
nói chuyện vui, nói chuyện phiếm
(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) đàn áp thẳng tay
tán dương, ca ngợi (ai)
vỡ nợ, phá sản
kiệt sức
khoe khoang, khoác lác, huênh hoang, nói phách
mở một chai rượu uống hết với ai
(từ lóng) đào ngạch vào ăn trộm, nạy cửa vào ăn trộm
nói đùa một câu
(xem) nut
sáng sớm tinh mơ
ngày tận thế, lâu lắm
cơ hội may mắn
chắp vá, vá víu
Chuyên ngành Anh - Việt
Hoá học
vết nứt, khe nứt, khe nhỏ; nứt
Kỹ thuật
vết nứt, khe nứt, khe nhỏ; nứt
Toán học
vết nứt, khe nứt
Vật lý
vết nứt, khe nứt
Xây dựng, Kiến trúc
khe nứt, khe hở, vết rạn
Từ điển Anh - Anh


crack (krăk) verb

cracked, cracking, cracks


verb, intransitive

1. To break or snap apart.

2. To make a sharp, snapping sound.

3. To break without complete separation of parts; fissure: The mirror cracked.

4. To change sharply in pitch or timbre, as from hoarseness or emotion. Used of the voice.

5. To break down; fail: The defendant's composure finally began to crack.

6. To have a mental or physical breakdown: cracked under the pressure.

7. To move or go rapidly: was cracking along at 70 miles an hour.

8. Chemistry. To break into simpler molecules by means of heat.

verb, transitive

1. To cause to make a sharp, snapping sound.

2. To cause to break without complete separation of parts: cracked the glass.

3. a. To break with a sharp, snapping sound. See synonyms at break. b. To crush (corn or wheat, for example) into small pieces.

4. To strike with a sudden, sharp sound.

5. Informal. a. To break open or into: crack a safe. b. To open up for use or consumption: crack a book; cracked a beer. c. To break through (an obstacle) in order to win acceptance or acknowledgement: finally cracked the "men-only" rule at the club.

6. To discover the solution to, especially after considerable effort: crack a code.

7. To cause (the voice) to crack.

8. Informal. To tell (a joke), especially on impulse or in an effective manner.

9. To cause to have a mental or physical breakdown.

10. To impair or destroy: Their rude remarks cracked his equanimity.

11. To reduce (petroleum) to simpler compounds by cracking.


1. A sharp, snapping sound, such as the report of a firearm.

2. a. A partial split or break; a fissure. b. A slight, narrow space: The window was open a crack.

3. A sharp, resounding blow.

4. a. A mental or physical impairment; a defect. b. A breaking, harshly dissonant vocal tone or sound, as in hoarseness.

5. An attempt or try: gave him a crack at the job; took a crack at photography.

6. A witty or sarcastic remark. See synonyms at joke.

7. A moment; an instant: at the crack of dawn.

8. Slang. Chemically purified, very potent cocaine in pellet form that is smoked through a glass pipe and is considered highly and rapidly addictive.


Excelling in skill or achievement; first-rate: a crack shot; a crack tennis player.

phrasal verb.

crack down

To act more forcefully to regulate, repress, or restrain: The police cracked down on speeding. crack up Informal

1. To praise highly: He was simply not the genius he was cracked up to be.

2. a. To damage or wreck (a vehicle or vessel): crack up a plane; crack up a boat. b. To wreck a vehicle in an accident: cracked up on the expressway.

3. To have a mental or physical breakdown.

4. To experience or cause to experience a great deal of amusement: really cracked up when I heard that joke.



crack the whip

To behave in a domineering manner; demand hard work and efficiency from those under one's control.


[Middle English craken, from Old English cracian.]

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
crack (n)
  • blow, bang, crash, snap, pop, clap
  • fissure, flaw, break, fracture, chink, fault, crevice, gap, rift, cleft, crevasse
  • gibe, quip, dig, joke, aside, remark, gag (informal), jape (archaic), jest (literary), wisecrack (informal)
  • weakness, flaw, fault, imperfection, defect
  • crack (v)
  • break, fracture, split, splinter, snap, rupture, chink, fissure
  • break down, crack up (informal), go to pieces, lose control, collapse, disintegrate
  • solve, work out, figure out, fathom, decipher, decode, decrypt, break
  • bash (informal), bang, bump, hit, whack, wallop (informal)