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Kết quả từ 2 từ điển
Từ điển Việt - Anh
có thể
[có thể]
can; could; to be able (to do something)
To unite all forces that can be united
You may not be so lucky next time
It's done, you may go home
To try as best as one can; to try all possible means
The doctors did everything possible to save her
To be present whenever/wherever possible
likely; probable
It's highly probable that we won't arrive before 2 o'clock
That boy is a potential genius
probably; perhaps; maybe
It is probably so
Will you come? - Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't/Maybe I will, maybe I won't
Maybe they've gone out!
-able; -ible
Kidnapping is punishable by life imprisonment
Suitable for cultivation
Từ điển Việt - Việt
có thể
tính từ
có khả năng làm việc gì
tôi sẽ cố gắng hết sức có thể
có khả năng xảy ra việc gì
chiều nay có thể mưa; có thể ngày mai anh ấy về