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Từ điển Anh - Việt
danh từ
nhà tù, nhà lao, nhà giam; nơi giam hãm (không thể thoát)
cac nhà giam chật ních người
bỏ ai vào tù
hắn bị bỏ tù năm năm (hắn đi tù/ngồi tù năm năm)
cô ta đã vào tù; cô ta bị bỏ tù
trốn khỏi/được tha ra khỏi nhà giam; ra tù
dân số trong tù (tổng số tù nhân trong một nước)
nhà tù có làm được gì để ngăn ngừa tội phạm hay không?
ngoại động từ
(thơ ca) giam cầm; giam hãm
Từ điển Anh - Anh


prison (prĭzʹən) noun

1. A place where persons convicted or accused of crimes are confined; a penitentiary or a jail.

2. A place or condition of confinement or forcible restraint.

3. A state of imprisonment or captivity.

verb, transitive

prisoned, prisoning, prisons

To confine in a prison; imprison.

[Middle English, from Old French, alteration (influenced by Old French pris, taken), of Latin prēnsiō, prēnsiōn-, a seizing, from *prehēnsiō, from prehēnsus past participle of prehendere, to seize.]

Word History: The word prison has its origins not in the notions of what such a place is but rather in the notion of how one gets there. Prison can be traced back to the Latin word prēnsiō,"the action or power of making an arrest." This in turn is derived from the verb prehendere or prendere, which meant "to take hold of, take into custody, arrest."Prēnsiō then dives into the obscurity of the time when Romance languages such as French were being formed from Vulgar Latin and resurfaces in the Old French of the 12th century with the form prison and the senses "capture" and "place of imprisonment." This new sense could have already been developed in Latin and not been recorded, but we have to wait until the 12th century to see it, the sense "captivity" being added in the same century. From Old French as well as the Medieval Latin word priso,"prison," derived from Old French, came our Middle English word prisoun, first recorded in a work written before 1121 in the sense "imprisonment." The sense "place of imprisonment" is recorded shortly afterward in a text copied down before 1225 but perhaps actually written in the Old English period before the Norman Conquest.

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
prison (adj)
custodial, jail, secure, penal, residential
prison (n)
  • penitentiary, top-security prison, penal complex, secure unit, pen (US, slang), detention center, reformatory, pokey (US, dated slang), jail, slammer (slang), clink (dated slang), young offenders' institution
  • confinement, incarceration (formal), imprisonment, solitary confinement, detention, custody