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cử làm đại biểu
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giao nhiệm vụ cho ai
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Từ điển Anh - Anh


delegate (dĕlʹĭ-gāt, -gĭt) noun

Abbr. del.

1. A person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy or an agent.

2. A representative to a conference or convention.

3. A member of a House of Delegates, the lower house of the Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia legislature.

4. An elected or appointed representative of a U.S. territory in the House of Representatives who is entitled to speak but not vote.

verb, transitive

delegated, delegating, delegates (-gāt)

1. To authorize and send (another person) as one's representative.

2. To commit or entrust to another: delegate a task to a subordinate.

3. Law. To appoint (one's debtor) as a debtor to one's creditor in place of oneself.


[Middle English delegat, from Medieval Latin dēlēgātus from past participle of dēlēgāre, to dispatch : dē-, de- + lēgāre, to send.]

delʹegator noun

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
delegate (n)
representative, agent, envoy, ambassador, deputy, emissary
delegate (v)
  • hand over, farm out, pass on, give, allot, assign, entrust, allocate
    antonym: retain
  • designate, assign, appoint, allocate, depute (formal), deputize, order