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Từ điển Anh - Việt
danh từ
sách cũ
viết một cuốn sách
một tập tem
tập 1
( số nhiều) sổ sách kế toán
( the book ) kinh thánh
không được ai ưa
được ai yêu mến
hỏi tội và trừng phạt ai
(xem) know
nói có sách, mách có chứng
hợp với ý nguyện của mình
nói như sách
(xem) leaf
xem cook
bài bản trong sách vở, phương sách khả dĩ
được tuyển làm cầu thủ cho một đội bóng đá
khuyến cáo ai phải tuân theo nội quy kỷ luật
hiểu ai quá rõ, đi guốc trong bụng ai
người cởi mở và thẳng thắn
xem closed
ngoại động từ
viết vào vở; ghi vào vở
ghi tên người mua vé trước
ghi địa chỉ (để chuyển hàng)
giữ chỗ trước, mua vé trước
mua vé trước để đi xem hát
lấy vé (xe lửa...)
tôi bị tóm rồi, tôi bị giữ rồi
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Từ điển Anh - Anh


book (bk) noun

Abbr. bk., b.

1. A set of written, printed, or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers.

2. a. A printed or written literary work. b. A main division of a larger printed or written work: a book of the Old Testament.

3. a. A volume in which financial or business transactions are recorded. b. books Financial or business records considered as a group: checked the expenditures on the books.

4. a. A libretto. b. The script of a play.

5. Book The Bible.

6. a. A set of prescribed standards or rules on which decisions are based: runs the company by the book. b. Something regarded as a source of knowledge or understanding. c. The total amount of experience, knowledge, understanding, and skill that can be used in solving a problem or performing a task: We used every trick in the book to finish the project on schedule.

7. A packet of like or similar items bound together: a book of matches.

8. A record of bets placed on a race.

9. Games. The number of card tricks needed before any tricks can have scoring value, as the first six tricks taken by the declaring side in bridge.

noun, attributive.

Often used to modify another noun: a book report; book learning.

verb, transitive

booked, booking, books

1. To list or register in or as if in a book.

2. To record charges against (a person) on a police blotter.

3. To arrange for (tickets or lodgings, for example) in advance; reserve.

4. To hire or engage: The manager booked a magic show for Saturday night.

5. To allocate time for.


bring to book

To demand an explanation from; call to account.

in one's book

In one's opinion: In my book they both are wrong.

like a book

Thoroughly; completely: I know my child like a book.

one for the books

A noteworthy act or occurrence.

throw the book at

1. To make all possible charges against (a lawbreaker, for example).

2. To reprimand or punish severely.



[Middle English bok, from Old English bōc.]

bookʹer noun

Synonyms: book, bespeak, engage, reserve. The central meaning shared by these verbs is "to cause something to be set aside, as for one's use or possession, in advance": will book a hotel room; bespoken merchandise; engaged a box for the opera season; reserving a table at a restaurant.

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
book (n)
volume, tome, manuscript, paperback, hardcover, hardback
book (v)
reserve, order, engage, put your name down for, sign up