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  • Odds-defying scenarios (26/09/2017 09:49:07)

  • Some people believe in fate, that everything in life happens for a reason, is predetermined and therefore out of your power. Others believe in an existence that is more of a series of random events and occurrences that, no matter how bizarre they may seem, are purely chance coincidences.

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  • Hyper Realistic Paintings (01/09/2017 14:36:44)

  • Hyper realistic or hyperrealism is a type of art painting which takes technical art to a very high level. What appears to be a high-resolution photograph taken by the artist is actually a hand drawn painting instead. Take for example this basket of fruit. You probably won’t be impressed with this image if it was a photograph, but realizing that it is a painstakingly hand-drawn painting instead might boggle your mind.

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