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  • Two-thirds of US students are taught climate change badly, study finds (02/04/2018 10:03:53)

  • Nearly two-thirds of schoolchildren in the US are taught lessons on climate change that do not rise to the level of a sound science education, according to new research on Thursday. The finding provide(s) new evidence on the source of the confusion and denial surrounding global warming in American public life.

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  • 5 Things To Always Keep Secret (07/12/2017 13:23:23)

  • It is very disrespectful and unwise to bring stories of conflicts within your family to others. It devalues your person and brings more ridicule to your family as such stories are usually passed on by the people you told to some other friends of theirs and this will only make issues worse. Problems in the home are best resolved in the home as you share issues within the confines of your home, and with your loved ones.

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  • 12 Unproductive Habits Successful People Avoid (15/11/2017 16:01:41)

  • It’s not uncommon for successful people to be in some leadership role. If you research some of the most prominent politicians, businessmen/businesswomen, etc., one thing you’ll notice is they don’t speak unless there’s something to be said.

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  • Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old (06/11/2017 10:51:50)

  • Failing to make physical fitness a priority. Too many of us spend the physical peak of our lives on the couch. When you hit 40, 50, 60, and beyond, you’ll dream of what you could have done.

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