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  • 'Miracle baby' born with heart outside body is first to survive in UK (18/12/2017 15:26:40)

  • A mother who refused to terminate her pregnancy is celebrating her “miracle baby” - believed to be the first in the UK to survive after being born with her heart outside her body. Naomi Findlay and Dean Wilkins, of Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, were warned that the extremely rare condition meant almost no chance of survival. Now, they have told of their anxious wait after baby Vanellope Hope was born, with doctors warning that the first 10 minutes would prove crucial.

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  • Brighten Your Mood with a Rainbow of Food (17/11/2017 13:16:43)

  • A chocolate bar may make you feel better when you're down, but a cup of yogurt or a handful of cashews might be a better choice. "I think about our body in some ways like a car engine," says therapist Leslie Korn. "We need to give it the right fuel. And each of us have a need for a particular combination of proteins, and carbohydrates and fats."

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