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Từ điển Anh - Việt
danh từ
sức mạnh, sức lực, sức khoẻ
một người đàn ông rất khoẻ
sức bền
sức bền của một sợi dây thừng
độ đậm, nồng độ
độ đậm của nước trà
nồng độ của rượu
cường độ
cường độ cảm xúc về vấn đề này rất to lớn
mặt mạnh (của một người)
thái độ khoan dung là một trong nhiều mặt mạnh của bà ta
số đầy đủ; sự đông đủ (của một tập thể...)
họ có mặt đông đủ cả
(quân sự) số quân hiện có
(kỹ thuật) sức bền; độ bền
sức bền vật liệu
Chuyên ngành Anh - Việt
Hoá học
sức bền, độ bền; cường độ, lực
Kỹ thuật
lực, sức, cường độ, độ bền, sức chịu (vật liệu)
Sinh học
độ bền, độ chặt, nồng độ
Toán học
sức mạnh; cường độ; sức bền
Vật lý
độ bền; cường độ
Xây dựng, Kiến trúc
lực, sức, cường độ, độ bền, sức chịu (vật liệu)
Từ điển Anh - Anh


strength (strĕngkth, strĕngth, strĕnth) noun

1. The state, property, or quality of being strong.

2. The power to resist attack; impregnability.

3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability.

4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.

5. Capacity or potential for effective action: a show of strength.

6. a. The number of people constituting a normal or ideal organization: The police force has been at half strength since the budget cuts. b. Military capability in terms of personnel and materiel: an army of fearsome strength.

7. a. A source of power or force. b. One that is regarded as the embodiment of protective or supportive power; a support or mainstay. c. An attribute or a quality of particular worth or utility; an asset.

8. Degree of intensity, force, effectiveness, or potency in terms of a particular property, as: a. Degree of concentration, distillation, or saturation; potency. b. Operative effectiveness or potency. c. Intensity, as of sound or light. d. Intensity or vehemence, as of emotion or language.

9. Effective or binding force; efficacy: the strength of an argument.

10. Firmness of or a continuous rising tendency in prices, as on the stock market.

11. Games. Power derived from the value of playing cards held.


on the strength of

On the basis of: She was hired on the strength of her computer skills.


[Middle English, from Old English strengthu.]

Synonyms: strength, power, might, energy, force. These nouns are compared as they denote the capacity to act or work effectively. Strength refers especially to physical, mental, or moral robustness or vigor: "enough work to do, and strength enough to do the work" (Rudyard Kipling). "We are of course a nation of differences. Those differences don't make us weak. They're the source of our strength" (Jimmy Carter). Power is the ability to do something and especially to produce an effect: "I do not think the United States would come to an end if we lost our power to declare an Act of Congress void" (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.). Might often implies abundant or extraordinary power: "With twenty-five squadrons of fighters he could defend the island against the whole might of the German Air Force" (Winston S. Churchill). Energy in this comparison refers especially to a latent source of power: "The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful to society, had that society been well organized" (Mary Wollstonecraft). Force is the application of power or strength: "the overthrow of our institutions by force and violence" (Charles Evans Hughes).

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
strength (n)
  • power, force, might, potency, muscle, vigor
    antonym: weakness
  • strong point, strong suit, forte, asset, métier, gift
    antonym: weakness
  • intensity, concentration, dilution, depth, potency, power