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Từ điển Anh - Việt
danh từ
sự trả giá
giá nhất định; chắc giá
lời đề nghị giúp đỡ; sự tỏ ra sẵn sàng giúp đỡ
sự chào hàng
lời dạm hỏi, lời ướm, lời mời chào
như open
để bán giảm giá
như near
(từ Anh, nghĩa Anh) có người trả giá
ngoại động từ
biếu, tặng, dâng, hiến, cúng, tiến
biếu ai cái gì
xung phong (nghĩa bóng), tỏ ý muốn, để lộ ý muốn
xung phong, giúp đỡ ai
đưa ra bán, bày ra bán (hàng)
giơ ra, chìa ra, đưa ra mời
đưa ra một vài câu nhận xét
đưa ra đề nghị
đưa ra một kế hoạch, đề nghị một kế hoạch
dạm, hỏi, ướm
nội động từ
cung cấp; tạo cơ hội
Công việc này mở ra nhiều triển vọng
xảy ra, xảy đến, xuất hiện
khi có dịp (xảy ra)
nghênh chiến
chống cự
có mặt, xảy ra
giơ tay ra (để bắt)
cầu hôn
Chuyên ngành Anh - Việt
Kinh tế
chào giá
Kỹ thuật
sự đưa ra; sự chào hàng; sự gọi thầu; sự đấu thầu
Xây dựng, Kiến trúc
sự đưa ra; sự chào hàng; sự gọi thầu; sự đấu thầu
Từ điển Anh - Anh


offer (ôʹfər, ŏfʹər) verb

offered, offering, offers


verb, transitive

1. To present for acceptance or rejection; proffer: offered me a drink.

2. a. To put forward for consideration; propose: offer an opinion. b. To present in order to meet a need or satisfy a requirement: offered new statistics in order to facilitate the decision-making process.

3. a. To present for sale. b. To provide; furnish: a hotel that offers conference facilities.

4. To propose as payment; bid.

5. To present as an act of worship: offer up prayers.

6. To exhibit readiness or desire to do; volunteer: offered to carry the packages.

7. To put up; mount: partisans who offered strong resistance to the invaders.

8. To threaten: offered to leave without them if they didn't hurry.

9. To produce or introduce on the stage: The repertory group is offering two new plays this season.

verb, intransitive

1. To present an offering in worship or devotion.

2. To make an offer or a proposal, especially of marriage.

3. To present itself: "This plan was dropped, because of its risk, and because a better offered" (T.E. Lawrence).


1. The act of offering: an offer of assistance.

2. Something, such as a suggestion, proposal, bid, or recommendation, that is offered.

3. Law. A proposal that if accepted constitutes a legally binding contract.

4. The condition of being offered, especially for sale: thousands of bushels of wheat on offer.

5. a. An attempt; a try. b. A show of intention.


[Middle English offren, from Old English offrian, to present in worship and from Old French offrir, to propose, present, both from Latin offerre, to present, offer : ob-, to. See ob- + ferre, to bring.]

ofʹferer or ofʹferor noun

Synonyms: offer, proffer, tender, present. These verbs are compared as they mean to put before another for acceptance or rejection. Offer is the basic general term in this group: the hostess offered us a cup of coffee. Many department stores offer television sets. I offered him some money for his help. "She offered no response" (Arnold Bennett). Proffer implies voluntary action motivated especially by courtesy or generosity: "Mr. van der Luyden . . . proffered to Newland low-voiced congratulations" (Edith Wharton). To tender is to offer formally; it may connote polite observance of amenities: She tendered her respects. The chief of staff is expected to tender his resignation this week. Present suggests formality and often a measure of ceremony: The impresario will present an expanded series of concerts next season. The ambassador presented her credentials to the monarch. "A footman entered, and presented . . . some mail on a silver tray" (Winston Churchill).

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
offer (n)
proposal, suggestion, bid, proposition, bargain, agreement, compromise, deal, submission, motion, advance, approach, overture