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danh từ
lời bình luận
bình luận một sự kiện
lời chú giải, lời chú thích, lời dẫn giải
lời phê bình, lời chỉ trích
nội động từ
bình luận
bình luận một bài văn
chú thích, dẫn giải
phê bình, chỉ trích
phê bình hạnh kiểm của người nào
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Từ điển Anh - Anh


comment (kŏmʹĕnt) noun

1. a. A written note intended as an explanation, an illustration, or a criticism of a passage in a book or other writing; an annotation. b. A series of annotations or explanations.

2. a. A statement of fact or opinion, especially a remark that expresses a personal reaction or attitude. b. An implied conclusion or judgment: a novel that is a comment on contemporary lawlessness.

3. Talk; gossip: a divorce that caused much comment.

4. Computer Science. Text in a program that does not function in the program itself but is used by the programmer to explain instructions.


commented, commenting, comments


verb, intransitive

1. To make a comment; remark.

2. To serve as a judgmental commentary: "Her demise comments on [the Upper East Side's] entire way of life" (Mark Muro).

verb, transitive

To make comments on; annotate.

[Middle English, from Late Latin commentum, interpretation, from Latin, contrivance from neuter past participle of comminīscī, to devise.]

Synonyms: comment, observation, remark. The central meaning shared by these nouns is "an expression of fact, opinion, or explanation": made an unpleasant comment about my friend; a casual observation about the movie; an offensive personal remark.

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
comment (n)
  • remark, observation, statement, aside, reference, mention, note, dictum (formal), good word
  • judgment, observation, criticism, analysis, critique
  • explanation, interpretation, clarification, expansion, commentary, interpolation, note, annotation
  • comment (v)
    observe, remark, mention, state, note, point out