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Từ điển Anh - Việt
phó từ
sau, ở đằng sau
ở lại đằng sau
rớt lại đằng sau
nhìn lại đằng sau
chậm, trễ
chậm trễ trong công việc
thanh toán chậm
giới từ
sau, ở đằng sau
đằng sau cửa
làm cái gì sau lưng ai
(nghĩa bóng) ở hậu trường, kín, bí mật
chậm giờ, muộn, trễ
nó kém những trẻ khác cùng lớp
cũ rích, cổ lỗ
tìm hiểu động cơ của ai, tìm hiểu ẩn ý của ai
là nguyên nhân của cái gì
danh từ
(thông tục) mông đít
Từ điển Anh - Anh


behind (bĭ-hīndʹ) adverb

1. In, to, or toward the rear: We walked behind.

2. In a place or condition that has been passed or left: I left my gloves behind.

3. In arrears; late: I fell behind in my payments.

4. Below the standard level; in or into an inferior position: Don't fall behind in class.

5. Slow: My watch is running behind.

6. Archaic. Yet to come.


1. At the back of or in the rear of: He sat behind her.

2. On the farther side or other side of; beyond: The broom is behind the door.

3. In a place or time that has been passed or left by: Their worries are behind them.

4. a. Later than: The plane was behind schedule. b. Used to indicate deficiency in performance: behind us in technological develpment.

5. a. Hidden or concealed by: hatred hidden behind a bland smile. b. In the background of; underlying: Behind your every action is self-interest.

6. In a position of support; at the back of: The leaders have the army behind them.

7. In pursuit of: The police were hard behind the escapees.


Informal. The buttocks.

[Middle English bihinde, from Old English behindan.]

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
behind (adj)
behindhand, late, overdue, behind schedule, in arrears
behind (adv)
at the back, in the rear, after, following, last, at the rear
antonym: in front
behind (prep)
following, after, in the wake of, at the back of, at the rear of