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danh từ
người phụ trách một chiếc tàu hoặc máy bay dân sự; hạm trưởng; phi trưởng
sĩ quan giữa cấp trung úy và cấp thiếu tá; đại úy
sĩ quan giữa cấp đô đốc và trung tá hải quân Anh; đại tá hải quân
(thể dục,thể thao) đội trưởng
đội trưởng đội banh
động từ
làm đội trưởng (của một đội banh...)
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thuyền trưởng
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thuyền trưởng
Từ điển Anh - Anh


captain (kăpʹtən) noun

1. Abbr. Capt. One who commands, leads, or guides others, especially: a. The officer in command of a ship, aircraft, or spacecraft. b. A precinct commander in a police or fire department, usually ranking above a lieutenant and below a chief. c. The designated leader of a team or crew in sports.

2. Abbr. Capt., Cpt., CPT a. A commissioned rank in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above first lieutenant and below major. b. A commissioned rank in the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard that is above commander and below rear admiral. c. One who holds the rank of captain.

3. A figure in the forefront; a leader: a captain of industry.

4. One who supervises or directs the work of others, especially: a. A district official for a political party. b. A restaurant employee who is in charge of the waiters and usually attends to table seating. c. A bell captain.

verb, transitive

captained, captaining, captains

To act as captain of; command or direct: captained the football team.

[Middle English capitain, from Old French, from Late Latin capitāneus, chief, from Latin caput, capit-, head.]

capʹtaincy noun

capʹtainship noun

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
captain (n)
head, skipper, leader, chief, boss, commander, team leader
captain (v)
lead, skipper, manage, take charge, head, control