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poet (pōʹĭt) noun

1. A writer of poems.

2. One who demonstrates great imaginative power, insight, or beauty of expression: a poet of the classical ballet.


[Middle English, from Old French poete, from Latin poēta, from Greek poiētēs, maker, composer, from poiein, to create.]

Synonyms: poet, bard, versifier, rhymer, rhymester, poetaster. These nouns denote persons who write verse. Poet is the most inclusive but usually applies to one who writes poetry of merit, as in being eloquent in expression, imaginative, and creative: "Every man, that writes in verse is not a Poet" (Ben Jonson). Bard in its original meaning denoted a Celtic poet who composed and sang verses dealing with legendary heroes or events; now the term applies especially to a lyric poet: In reading their verse aloud, few bards can compare to Dylan Thomas. Versifier, rhymer, and rhymester refer principally to minor or inferior poets: He dismissed her work as that of a mere versifier. How could the critics praise such a rhymer? This rhymster has written mainly doggerel. Poetaster, the most pejorative of these terms, applies to a writer of insignificant, meretricious, or shoddy verse: His verse has the sing-song rhythm of a poetaster.

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
poet (n)
bard (literary or humorous), writer, lyricist, rhymester, versifier, composer