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Kết quả từ 3 từ điển
Từ điển Việt - Anh
grilled chopped meat; grilled chopped fish; grilled chopped shrimp, shish kabab; meat pie
pork pies
grilled chopped fish, grilled fish
grilled chopped meat and vermicelli
Cha ca (grilled chopped fish) is a kind of time-consuming and meticulously prepared food. To enjoy it, you will have on the table various auxiliary dishes : A small bowl of tasty Mam Tom (shrimp paste) mixed with a few drops of rice liquor and lemon juice, then carefully stirred with some added slices of hot chilly. A plate of roasted groundnuts, which are a rich brown colour following the removal of their flimsy covers. Accompanying the two dishes will be a plate of pure white rice vermicelli and a plate of spicy vegetables. Finally, a stove with a pan of boiling oil on its top will be placed on the table. You will open the grilles to allow pieces of grilled fish to drop into the oil. Things are done in this way to ensure that connoisseurs receive piping hot food.
xem chẳng
Not to be afraid
You don't have to walk very long to destination
Didn't he say so?
Chuyên ngành Việt - Anh
Sinh học
Từ điển Việt - Việt
danh từ
món ăn làm bằng thịt, cá, tôm băm hoặc giã, ướp gia vị rồi nướng hoặc rán
bún chả; chả tôm
gói chả
thằng cha ấy
chả đó nóng tính lắm
phụ từ
không; nếu không; như chẳng
chả sợ; nó chả làm thì ai
động từ
không bằng lòng
con chả!