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Từ điển Anh - Việt
danh từ
sự nương tựa, sự che chở, sự ẩn náu
chỗ nương tựa, chỗ che chở, chỗ ẩn náu
cho ai nương náu, bảo vệ ai
hầm An-đe-xon, hầm sắt lưu động
(trong từ ghép) chỗ xây để che chắn (nhất là tránh mưa, gió, tấn công..)
hầm trú ẩn (máy bay ném bom)
nơi (có mái che) chờ xe búyt
(trong từ ghép) nhà cho người ta tạm nương thân (nhất là những người vô gia cư)
lầu, chòi
phòng, cabin (người lái)
ngoại động từ
che (mưa, gió..)
che cho ai khỏi mưa
che chở, bảo vệ (người)
cho ( ai/cái gì) chỗ ẩn náu
bức tường che chắn đạn cho những người lính
nội động từ
( + from ) tìm chỗ ẩn náu; tìm chỗ nương tựa
trú dưới các cây
trú mưa
Chuyên ngành Anh - Việt
Hoá học
nơi ẩn, ổ, hang
Kỹ thuật
nơi ẩn, ổ, hang
Sinh học
Từ điển Anh - Anh


shelter (shĕlʹtər) noun

1. a. Something that provides cover or protection, as from the weather. b. A refuge; a haven. c. An establishment that provides temporary housing for homeless people.

2. The state of being covered or protected.


sheltered, sheltering, shelters


verb, transitive

1. To provide cover or protection for.

2. To invest (income) to protect it from taxation.

verb, intransitive

To take cover; find refuge.

[Perhaps from Middle English sheltron, tight battle formation, from Old English scildtruma : scield, shield. See shield + truma, troop.]

shelʹterer noun

shelʹterless adjective

Synonyms: shelter, cover, retreat, refuge, asylum, sanctuary. These nouns refer to places affording protection, as from danger, or to the state of being protected. Shelter usually implies a covered or enclosed area that protects temporarily, as from injury or attack: A cold frame provides shelter for the seedlings. "And the dead tree gives no shelter" (T.S. Eliot). Cover suggests something, as bushes, that conceals: The army mounted the invasion under cover of darkness. Retreat applies chiefly to a secluded place to which one retires for meditation, peace, or privacy: Their cabin in the woods served as a retreat from the pressures of business. Refuge suggests a place of escape from pursuit or from difficulties that beset one: "vagrants and criminals, who make this wild country a refuge from justice" (Sir Walter Scott). "The great advantage of a hotel is that it's a refuge from home life" (George Bernard Shaw). Asylum adds to refuge the idea of legal protection against a pursuer or of immunity from arrest: "O! receive the fugitive and prepare in time an asylum for mankind" (Thomas Paine). Sanctuary denotes a sacred or inviolable place of refuge: Some of the political refugees found sanctuary in a monastery.

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
shelter (n)
  • protection, cover, refuge, haven, sanctuary, asylum, safe haven
  • housing, accommodations, living quarters, lodging, somewhere to stay, somewhere to live, a roof over your head
  • shelter (v)
  • protect, shield, cover, defend, harbor, take in, give refuge
  • take shelter, take refuge, take cover, hide