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Từ điển Anh - Việt
tính từ
không; phủ định, phủ nhận, cự tuyệt, phản đối, từ chối; cấm đoán
trả lời từ chối, trả lời không
câu phủ định
sự phê bình tiêu cực
chứng cớ tiêu cực
(điện học), (toán học); (nhiếp ảnh) âm
cực âm
dấu âm
bản âm
danh từ
lời từ chối, lời cự tuyệt
"No" is a negative
" Không" là một lời từ chối
quyền phủ định, quyền phủ nhận, quyền phủ quyết
tính tiêu cực
nó mang nặng tính tiêu cực
(toán học) số âm
(điện học) cực âm
(nhiếp ảnh) bản âm
(ngôn ngữ học) từ phủ định
ngoại động từ
phủ nhận; phủ định, cự tuyệt, bác bỏ
thực nghiệm đã bác bỏ thuyết đó
phản đối, chống lại (lời phát biểu)
làm thành vô hiệu
Chuyên ngành Anh - Việt
Kỹ thuật
âm bản; âm; phủ định
Toán học
âm bản; âm; phủ định
Vật lý
âm bản; âm; phủ định
Từ điển Anh - Anh


negative (nĕgʹə-tĭv) adjective

Abbr. neg.

1. a. Expressing, containing, or consisting of a negation, refusal, or denial: gave a negative answer to our request for funding. b. Indicating opposition or resistance: a negative reaction to the new advertising campaign.

2. Having no positive features: negative ideas; a negative outlook on life.

3. Marked by or exhibiting features, such as hostility, that cannot be deemed positive or constructive: conducted a negative campaign against his opponent.

4. Medicine. Not indicating the presence of microorganisms, disease, or a specific condition.

5. Logic. Designating a proposition that denies agreement between a subject and its predicate.

6. Mathematics. a. Relating to or designating a quantity less than zero. b. Relating to or designating the sign (-). c. Relating to or designating a quantity to be subtracted from another. d. Relating to or designating a quantity, a number, an angle, a velocity, or a direction in a sense opposite to another of the same magnitude indicated or understood to be positive.

7. Physics. a. Relating to or designating an electric charge of the same sign as that of an electron, indicated by the symbol (-). b. Relating to or designating a body having an excess of electrons.

8. Chemistry. Of or designating an ion, the anion, that is attracted to a positive electrode.

9. Biology. Moving or turning away from a stimulus, such as light: a negative tropism.


1. A statement or an act indicating or expressing a contradiction, denial, or refusal. See Usage Note at affirmative.

2. a. A statement or an act that is highly critical of another or of others: campaign advertising that was based solely on negatives. b. Something that lacks all positive, affirmative, or encouraging features; an element that is the counterpoint of the positive: "Life is full of overwhelming odds. You can't really eliminate the negatives but you can diminish them" (Art Linkletter). c. A feature or characteristic that is not deemed positive, affirmative, or desirable: "As voters get to know his liberal views, his negatives will rise" (Richard M. Nixon)."I'm known for being very forthright and honest in my opinions. If that's a negative, it's a negative" (Kitty Dukakis).

3. Grammar. A word or part of a word, such as no, not, or non-, that indicates negation. See Usage Note at double negative.

4. The side in a debate that contradicts or opposes the question being debated.

5. a. An image in which the light areas of the object rendered appear dark and the dark areas appear light. b. A film, plate, or other photographic material containing such an image.

6. Mathematics. A negative quantity.

verb, transitive

negatived, negativing, negatives

1. To refuse to approve; veto.

2. To deny; contradict. See synonyms at deny.

3. To demonstrate to be false; disprove.

4. To counteract or neutralize.


[Middle English, from Old French negatif, from Latin negātīvus, from negātus past participle of negāre, to deny. See negate.]

negʹatively adverb

negʹativeness or negativʹity (-tĭvʹĭ-tē) noun

Đồng nghĩa - Phản nghĩa
negative (adj)
  • unenthusiastic, unconstructive, unhelpful, pessimistic, downbeat, disapproving, off-putting, discouraging, depressing
    antonym: encouraging
  • bad, undesirable, adverse, harmful, damaging, destructive, deleterious (formal)
    antonym: positive
  • negative (n)
    rejection, rebuff, veto, nix (US, dated slang), thumbs down (informal), no, refusal, denial
    antonym: approval