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Kết quả từ 2 từ điển
Từ điển Việt - Anh
cơ hội
[cơ hội]
opportunity; occasion; chance
To have/get/find/create an opportunity
I have few opportunities to talk with foreigners; I have little opportunity to talk with foreigners
Now's your time! Try your utmost!
Golden/marvellous opportunity; big/great/fighting chance; chance/opportunity of a lifetime; chance in a million
Avail yourself of every opportunity to improve your knowledge
The prisoners took the opportunity of escaping from prison; the prisoners used the opportunity to escape from prison
I shall help them if the occasion arises
Don't let this opportunity slip; don't miss this chance/opportunity; don't goof this chance/opportunity; don't give away this opportunity
It was the chance my father had been waiting for
he won't get another chance to redeem his fault
It's silly/stupid to ignore a chance like that
Excellent openings for a developing country
Từ điển Việt - Việt
cơ hội
danh từ
dịp thuận tiện xảy ra đúng lúc để thành công
cơ hội ngàn năm có một; tận dụng mọi cơ hội