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  • What is a Fenqing? (21/08/2009 11:07:20)

  • Fenqing is a Chinese word which literally means “angry youth”. This word has many translations in English such as cynical youth, young nationalists, hysterical youth and angry young men. I personally like to call them mob youth or ignorant angry youth. It is impossible to understand China without knowing what Fenqing is and what role they play in the society in today’s China. I will try to paint a portrait of a Fenqing in this post.

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  • In Vietnam, Bank Urges Tighter Credit (19/08/2009 15:58:20)

  • Vietnam's central bank is encouraging lenders to tighten credit for some borrowers, an early sign that Asian economies are preparing to rein in stimulus spending if the world economy continues to recover.

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  • China's War for Ore (19/08/2009 11:26:43)

  • China was miffed by the outcome of what we last year called the corporate "deal of the century." But shareholder interests prevailed. How often will that be said in the future?

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  • Miscarriage (19/08/2009 10:39:08)

  • A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy during the first 20 weeks. It is usually your body's way of ending a pregnancy that has had a bad start. The loss of a pregnancy can be very hard to accept. You may wonder why it happened or blame yourself. But a miscarriage is no one’s fault, and you can't prevent it.

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  • Why Chimerica remains a chimera (18/08/2009 13:28:13)

  • IN THE early 1990s, when Washington debated the alternatives of engaging or containing China, some clever wits suggested a hybrid: 'congagement'. Later, former president George W. Bush proposed that China was a 'strategic competitor'. Now, no one disputes the notion that China and the United States are strategic partners.

  • Intel, others to use NVIDIA SLI on Core i5, i7 (17/08/2009 12:47:45)

  • NVIDIA today broke some ground by confirming that Intel and mainboard producers such as ASUS, EVGA, GigaByte and MSI have all licensed SLI for use with upcoming Core i5 and i7 systems. The gesture gives tested mainboards based on Intel's P55 chipset support for using two or more GeForce graphics cards in tandem. Many Intel chipsets to date have focused instead on ATI's equivalent, CrossFire, though AMD's ownership of ATI is likely to help drive Intel's addition of the NVIDIA option.

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